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Parenteral Nutrition is the introduction of nutrients to the body through an intravenous infusion. Complete parenteral nutrition provides the same essential elements as normal nutrition.

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Collaborating with Healthcare Professionals to empower future nutrition research

A grant to improve the status of malnutrition in Latin America The Grant of € 100,000* will be awarded to an...
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Dr. Roger Riofrio

Dr. Roger Riofrio, General Surgeon at the Central University of Ecuador talks about the value of parenteral nutrition in meeting...
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Dr. Karin Papapietro

Dr. Karin Papapietro, Physician-surgeon at the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Chile, provides insights into how clinical nutrition...
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Learning More About Parenteral Nutrition

During the annual congress of the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN), several experts were interviewed to gather...
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Fighting Caloric Deficit with Supplemental Parenteral Nutrition

Clinical nutrition (CN) needs to be adequate to effectively fight caloric deficit. This is challenging, especially in critically ill patients....
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Short Facts About Parenteral Nutrition

Enteral nutrition is sometimes not sufficient: Parenteral nutrition fills a critical gap- especially in ICU patients and after abdominal surgery.1...
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How Is Parenteral Nutrition Applied?

Parenteral nutrition (PN) admixtures contain a broad range of components in varying amounts and combinations. There are a number of...
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Administering Parenteral Nutrition

In the planning of parenteral nutrition (PN), the proper route of access is crucially important. PN solutions are administered either...
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Tailoring Parenteral Nutrition

When it comes to disease-related malnutrition, every patient’s requirements will be different. Once parenteral nutrition (PN) is indicated, health care...
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