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Parenteral Nutrition is the introduction of nutrients to the body through an intravenous infusion. Complete parenteral nutrition provides the same essential elements as normal nutrition.

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Central versus Peripheral Administration

When the clinical nutrition care plan calls for parenteral nutrition (PN), it is important to determine the appropriate route of...
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Adapting Parenteral Nutrition for Clinical Circumstances

Ideally for the majority of patients, an adequate dietary intake can be ensured by providing normal, good quality hospital food....
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How Is Parenteral Nutrition Applied?

Parenteral nutrition (PN) admixtures contain a broad range of components in varying amounts and combinations. There are a number of...
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Components of Parenteral Nutrition

In general, parenteral nutrition (PN) is typically composed of four critical components: Fluids Electrolytes Macronutrients Micronutrients Fluids and Electrolytes Water...
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What Is Parenteral Nutrition?

Nutrition is fundamental to health and resistance to disease. In the majority of patients, an adequate dietary intake can be...
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