Caring for life

Worldwide, one in four hospital patients is at risk of disease-related malnutrition.1234567 Particularly in Latin America up to 50 percent of hospitalized patients are malnourished.8910111213Disease-related malnutrition negatively impacts patients’ outcomes and increases long-term costs.14

“United for clinical nutrition” was created by Fresenius Kabi as an initiative to work with health care professionals and authorities to fight disease-related malnutrition, particularly in Latin American countries. This website serves as an information center for detecting, handling and treating hospital malnutrition, featuring in-depth learnings on proper nutrition diagnosis and risk screening, administration, mixing and handling of parenteral nutrition (PN) and the benefits of treatment. This will be coupled with hospital screenings, on- and offline trainings and educational events that address clinical nutrition, focusing on PN.


Making a Difference for Disease-Related Malnutrition Patients


The first step is to increase awareness of clinical nutrition and disease-related malnutrition by addressing this problem. Adequate clinical nutrition has the beneficial impact of reducing health care costs and lessens the burden on resources. Using this website, health care professionals can access articles, news, videos, webinars, downloads, interactive quick-learns, and practical guides to learn about hospital malnutrition and how to detect and treat it. Opportunities for ongoing training and regional events will also be available through this website.

The “United for clinical nutrition” Mission: Fighting Hospital Malnutrition


The mission of “United for clinical nutrition” is to support therapy success and quality of life. With the information on clinical nutrition provided here, we hope to help health care professionals to reduce patient hospital stays and the risk for hospital readmissions. The use of nutrition risk screenings, nutritional assessments, appropriate nutrition support and regular follow-ups to improve clinical nutrition can significantly reduce disease-related malnutrition.5151617 Recent studies have shown that adequate nutrition support can lower complication rates up to 56 percent for surgical, orthopedic, elderly care and neurology hospital patients compared to standard care.1819

Why Fresenius Kabi Supports “United for clinical nutrition”


Fresenius Kabi’s corporate philosophy is “caring for life.” By launching the initiative “United for clinical nutrition”, the company is living its commitment to clinical nutrition and helping health care professionals to find the best answers to the challenges they face. Fresenius Kabi wants to support the health care professionals to understand, identify, and treat disease-related malnutrition so patients can benefit from improved nutritional care.


Caring for life

Who we are

Fresenius Kabi is a global health care company specializing in lifesaving medicines and technologies for infusion, transfusion and clinical nutrition. Our products and services help care for critically and chronically ill patients. Our portfolio comprises a broad range of intravenously administered generic drugs across a wide array of therapeutic categories: oncology drugs, anesthetics and analgesics, anti-infectives, critical care drugs. For the administration of these products, the company provides the related medical devices.


Industry Leaders

Within clinical nutrition, Fresenius Kabi is one of the industry leaders and one of the few to offer both parenteral nutrition (administered intravenously) and enteral nutrition (administered as oral nutritional supplements or tube feed via the gastrointestinal (GI) tract), as well as nutrition pumps and devices.




With our corporate philosophy of “caring for life”, we are committed to providing essential medicines and technologies for health care professionals, and the best answers to the challenges they face.

Fresenius Kabi AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA health care group.